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Our Full List of Financial Broking Services

"Our expert finance brokers can help you get a great rate secured or unsecured loan"

Other Loans Services

Our experienced loan brokers make sure that, you can take the benefit of any available cost savings interest rate offers by the lenders or banks. Our brokers can also help you secure a loan for purchase, travel, business, or generally personal purposes.

Get the Financing You Deserve

Simply call us or book online for a premium loan broker service.

Car & Vehicle Loan

Chattel Mortgage

Business Loan

Equipment Loan

Personal Loan

Low Doc Loan

Car Loan

The Right Loan for You

Refinance to a variable rate mortgage is very popular in Australia. Golden Key Mortgage & Finance finds its clients among the most competitive interest rate loans to refinance. We would be happy to discuss the details of the variable rate mortgage and customise it in order to suit your specific needs and financial situation. Are you wondering that if you have a good rate? Contact us to find out if you’re eligible, and whether this would be a good fit for your needs.

Business Loan

A Brighter Future

It’s easy to get lost while navigating all the different types of loans available for home buying. The Fixed Rate home loan could be the right one for you, but it’s important that clients understand all implications before signing something they could later regret. Contact us now in order to discuss the benefits and disadvantages, and together we’ll decide whether this is the right mortgage for you.

Equipment Loan

Prospective Property Owners

We have been helping clients around Sydney area with their real estate investments. The Split Rate Mortgage is popular for some, but may not be appropriate for everyone. Call us to learn more about the implications and to find out whether this would be a good mortgage for your financing needs. We will provide all the necessary information for you to make an educated decision so that you can relax knowing that, you made the best decision.

Personal Loan

Savvy Property Investor

You repay only the interest on the borrowed amount usually for the first one to five years of the loan, although some lenders offer longer terms. Your monthly repayments are lower because you’re not paying off the principal. At the end of the interest-only period, you begin to pay off both interest and principal. These loans are especially popular with investors who plan to pay off the principal when the property is sold, having achieved capital growth.

Equipment Loan

Loan for Self Employed

Low Doc home loans are designed for self-employed people who don’t have all the financial documents providing proof of income usually required to secure a home loan. The low-doc mortgage loan can be both variable and fixed rate home loan. Navigating a path through the mortgage maze can seem confusing – especially with so much document required by different lenders. Golden Key Mortgage brokers in Sydney will help you along the entire process.

Chattel Mortgage

Seasoned Property Owners

There are so many other types of home loans available in the market catering to different kinds of home loan borrowers. The following loans are very specific and suits borrowers with certain circumstances such as Construction Loans, Introductory Rate Loans, Bridging Loans, Line of Credit / Equity Line, Reverse Mortgage etc. Call a Golden Key Home Loan Broker in Sydney today and take the guess part, out of your mortgage financing plan.

Contact us for more details about the types of loans we offer our clients.

Want to cash out from equity of current property to buy an investment property or business?

Supporting clients with home loan refinance

The Government’s comprehensive package to improve housing affordability is  primarily focused on helping first home buyers or new entrants to the property market.  However, there are state and bank policies that are specially designed for owner occupied property owners and property investors to get the most out of their circumstances.  You might miss out on the available opportunities if your plan didn't include taking these options into considerations. You also might have a hard time securing the loan amount you want or the home loan terms suitable for you. Call us or send us a message today to find out more about how we can arrange the right home loan fast and easy for you.

To support the property owners and investors, the available options are:

1. Refinance and negotiate a better rate home loan to save on the loan repayments
2. Refinance to equity release to purchase another property using the current property and the new property as collateral
3. Refinance to cash out up to $100K to invest into any venture (renovation, business, holiday etc.) the client wants 
4. Refinance to invest more that  $100K - $1 million into commercial ventures or properties

5. Refinance to receive cash back bonus from the lender to cover all the refinance costs and potentially save on repayments from a lower rate home loan  

Benefits Of Using Our Home Loan Broking Service

Easy and Convenient

Whether you’re refinancing your owner occupied property or your investment property, there are a lot of stress and complications involved in mortgages and home loan financing. That’s where we come in. We help our clients with all their mortgage financing needs so that, they can enjoy the fun and excitement of owning real estate property knowing they’re in good hands. See the benefits of using our expert mortgage brokers for your home loan refinance.

1. Right Loan - Suitable to your financial situation and expectation.

2. Free Expert Advice - You don't miss out on any available deals or concessions.

3. Peace Of Mind - Knowing that an expert is looking out for the best deal for you.

4. Convenience - Our brokers will take care of the application till the loan is settled.  

5. Loan Range & Timely Funding - Get the loan amount you want in a timely manner.

6. Premium Service - Most importantly, we will come to you and organise the funding for you for free so that, you can enjoy the excitement of owning your real estate property.    

Our refinance specialist home loan brokers make sure that, you can take full advantage of any available cost saving interest rate offers by the banks. Our mortgage brokers can also help you cash out from your existing property equity for investment or business purposes. Simply call us or book online for a premium home loan broker service for free.