Swimming pool Design, Construction & Landscaping for your property?


"Our experienced project manager builders can help with the swimming pool design, construction

& property landscaping"

Let's get started with your swimming pool!

Our Pool Design & Construction & Landscaping Services

Fun in the Pool

We specialise in comprehensive in-ground pool design and concrete pool construction services inclusive of the pool surround landscaping works for both domestic and commercial clients. Our specialist concrete pool builders work across all parts of Sydney.

- Competitive pricing with excellent quality and finish

- Fixed-price contracts – with no hidden extras

- Innovative designs and streamlined pool construction works
- Dealing with a single point of contact from quote to completion
- A professional company with an experienced team
- A unique in-ground pool to suit your lifestyle & budget

Modern House with a Pool

In-ground Pools

Most popular and versatile designs. It also offers the most cost-effective, quality and practical design & concrete construction solution.

Image by Eve Ji


Spas are a great addition to any property and offer great entertainment. It is a great solution for smaller properties that want entertainment in a cosy environment. 

Aerial View of a Swimming Pool

Mini Pools

Another great solution for smaller properties where young families can have great fun and it requires less maintenance and easy on the bank too.

Our Pool Design Types 

Custom Pool Design & Construction for residential, commercial clients 

Image by Jason Briscoe

Property Boundary Pools

For homes with very little space for a regular-sized swimming-pool, this usually is a great alternative and good fit. 

Image by Jurre Houtkamp

Indoor Pools

Another great solution for smaller properties where young families can have great fun and it requires less maintenance and easy on the bank too.

glass pool.jpg

Glass Edge Pools

Impress your guests with a glass edge pool. It certainly makes a statement about your taste and your lifestyle. 

Available Property Renovation Loan Options

Your  Investment Property Financing Options

Variable Rate Home Loan

The Right Loan for You

A variable interest rate investment property loan is very popular in Australia. Golden Key Home Loan brokers find its clients the most competitive interest rate loans for their investment properties. We would be happy to discuss the details of the variable rate property loan and customise it in order to suit your specific needs, investment strategy, and financial situation.


Are you wondering that if you qualify for a good rate investment property loan? Contact us to find out if you’re eligible, and whether this would be a good fit for your needs.

Fixed Rate Property Loan

A Brighter Future

It’s easy to get lost while navigating all the different types of loans available for home buying. The Fixed Rate home loan could be the right one for you, but it’s important you understand all the implications before signing something you could later regret.


Fixed-rate investment property loan could be a great option as it offers fixed monthly costs and in most cases offers better interest rate than variable rate. Contact us today to discuss the benefits and disadvantages, and together we’ll decide whether this is the right investment property loan for you.

Split Rate

Home Loans

Prospective Property Owners

We have been helping clients in Sydney with securing funds for their real estate investments. A split rate investment property loan can help clients take advantage of both fixed and variable rate investment property loans. It is suitable for some investors but may not be appropriate for everyone.


Call us to learn more about to find out whether this would be a good investment property loan for you. We will provide all the necessary information for you to make an educated decision so that you can relax knowing that, you made the best decision.

Interest Only Property Loan

Savvy Property Investor

Interest only investment property home loans are quite popular among the property investors. You repay only the interest on the borrowed amount usually for the first one to five years of the loan, although some lenders offer longer terms. Your monthly repayments are lower because you’re not paying off the principal and only paying interest amount. At the end of the interest-only period, you begin to pay off both interest and principal.


These loans are especially popular with investors who plan to pay off the principal when the property is sold, having achieved capital growth.

Low Doc
Home Loans

Loan for Self Employed

Low Doc home loans are designed for self-employed people who don’t have all the financial documents providing proof of income usually required to secure a home loan. The low-doc mortgage loan can be both variable and fixed rate home loans.


It could be a suitable option for some applicants as it could be the only way to secure an investment property loan within limited timeframe and paper works.  Mortgage maze can seem confusing – especially with so much different products and policies of different lenders. Golden Key Home Loan brokers in Sydney will help you along the entire process.

Other Common Home Loan types

Seasoned Property Owners

There are so many other types of home loans available in the market catering to different kinds of home loan borrowers. The following loans are very specific and suits borrowers with certain circumstances such as Construction Loans, Introductory Rate Loans, Bridging Loans, Line of Credit / Equity Line, Reverse Mortgage etc.


Call a Golden Key Home Loan Broker today and take the guess part, out of your mortgage financing plan. We will come to you any place in Sydney convenient for you, as a part of our five-star mortgage-broking service commitment. 

Contact us for more details about the types of loans we offer our clients.