Our Brokers Will Meet At Your Place

  • Mortgage serviceability, borrowing capacity, available options etc.

    1 hr

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What to expect when meeting with your Mortgage Broker

Golden Key mortgage brokers will work with you to fill out the two forms listed below during the meeting so that they can understand exactly what your objectives and home loan requirements are.

1. Client Information Form

To help us better understand your own unique situation and needs.

2. Client Financial Fact Form

To help us understand your financial situation and qualify you.

Your Golden Key mortgage broker will also assess and verify your financial information, and advise you on the following areas during the meeting with you.

1. Home Loan Facilities

What you want in your home loan. (I.e. variable or fixed rate interest, redraw facility, offset account, duration for the home loan sought etc.)

2. Borrowing Power

Calculate how much you can borrow and how much your repayments will be.

3. Associated Mortgage Fees

Explain the Home Loan Application fees if there is any and other charges.

4. Saving Money

Determine ways where you could save money on your home loan repayments.

You can also discuss various financing options applicable to you and useful topics such as:

1. If you could borrow to purchase property with your Superannuation Fund?
2. What is Lender’s Mortgage Insurance and do you have to pay for it?
3. How can you pay off your mortgage faster?
4. How can you get a home equity loan using your current property?
5. How much can you borrow?
6. What are the additional costs?

Please check out our FAQ page for more information related to your home loan.