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Our Renovation, Knockdown & Rebuilds Services

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Renovation Package Services

See our complete renovation packages of various renovation services we provide for our clients in Sydney.

- Kitchen Renovation

- Bathroom Renovation

- AL Fresco Renovation

- Decks & Extensions

- Outdoor Rooms Renovation

- Laundries Renovation

Renovation Work Services

See the list of various renovation works and services for both residential and commercial clients in Sydney.

- Painting

- Plastering

- Tiling

- Carpentry

- Fencing

- Floors

- Plumbing

- Cabinet Making

- Electrical

- Roofing

Our Renovation Package Services

Our list of renovation packages for residential & commercial clients. Quality work at the right price is our guarantee.

Brand New Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation

Modern Kitchen designs need to be practical and clutter-free. Our qualified kitchen renovation team offers versatile and elegant designs. Call us for quality kitchen renovation at a great price in Sydney.

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Bathrooms Renovation

A well-designed modern bathroom is a must for any property be it for yourself or for an investment property.  For a complete bathroom redesign  & renovation contact us within the Sydney area. We will take care of plumbing, tiling, cabinetry everything.

Ecologic House

AL Fresco Renovation

A practical and stylish alfresco design can give amazing outdoorish experience for your family and change your lifestyle to be more active. Call us and our qualified builder will do a property inspection and discuss how to best utilise your property space and add value. 

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Decks & Extensions

For homes with a view on the slope or just plain entertaining, decks are a must for a lot of property owners. We have great designs and product range for your deck renovation or installation. We also will also take care of the landscaping while we are doing the decks.     

relaxing corner outdoor furniture

Outdoor Rooms Renovation

The biggest advantage of outdoor rooms is that these rooms can be used for many purposes such as barbeque, entertaining guests, or play area for growing families. It also provides a sense of privacy. Contact us and we will take care of the entire process from your idea to arranging building permit to completion. 

Washer & Dryer

Laundry Renovation

An often overlooked area of any property. While a modern design laundry room can add so much space and functionality to your overall property and ease of doing household chores. Contact us for an onsite inspection and tell us your ideas and we will make it happen.

Painting the Wall


Quality colour choices, versatile products and top quality work is our guarantee. Call us and we will make sure it is a hassle-free top quality work at a competitive price. We cover all of Sydney for all your painting and renovation works.

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Smooth finishing touch is a guarantee because of our team of experienced and talented plasterers and qualified trades people. Contact us to find out the process and cost involved to renovate or upgrade your property.  

Flooring Wooden Floor


Tilling is an art with the perfect alignments, levelling, waterproofing, and at the end the finished work coming together like a piece of artwork or finished jigsaw puzzle. Our qualified tradies and tilers will ensure a long-lasting quality job at a budget price.

Our Renovation Work Services

Our list of renovation works for residential & commercial clients. 

Floor Installation


There are various options when it comes to floor renovation such as tiling, sanding, carpeting, timber, slate, floating floor etc. Simply call us and we will ensure a premium quality work in the greater Sydney area.  

Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows

Cabinet Making

From practical and unique design ideas to excellent craftsmanship, you can rely on our team of talented and qualified cabinet makers for a job well done. Call us if you need help with cabinet installation and renovation within the greater Sydney area. 

Carpenter Tools


Our team of qualified carpenters will ensure that any work completed is structurally sound, according to the regulations, and has greater longevity. Call us to have your renovation work completed in time and according to your plan and within your budget.   

Replacing Tiles


For Colorbond metal roof installation, tiles roofing, facia & gutter, downpipes, skylight, whirlwind, or any roof-related works in Sydney, we have the qualified and specialist tradespeople to ensure quality work is done at the right price. Simply call us to find out more.    

Tin Wall


For Colorbond fencing, aluminium slat fencing, or timber fencing - we have a range of products based on your need and requirement. Contact us for more information and get a custom quote at your property during the onsite inspection. We will come to you in the Sydney area. 

Electrical Work


Qualified and experienced electricians will make sure that any electrical work done for your property is safe and complied with Australian regulation and standard so that you can rest easy knowing that safety is paramount to any work we complete.

Available Property Renovation Loan Options

Your Property Upgrade Financing Options

Variable Rate Home Loan

The Right Loan for You

A variable interest rate investment property loan is very popular in Australia. Golden Key Home Loan brokers finds its clients the most competitive interest rate loans for their investment properties. We would be happy to discuss the details of the variable rate property loan and customise it in order to suit your specific needs, investment strategy, and financial situation.


Are you wondering that if you qualify for a good rate investment property loan ? Contact us to find out if you’re eligible, and whether this would be a good fit for your needs.

Fixed Rate Property Loan

A Brighter Future

It’s easy to get lost while navigating all the different types of loans available for home buying. The Fixed Rate home loan could be the right one for you, but it’s important you understand all the implications before signing something you could later regret.


Fixed rate investment property loan could be a great option as it offers fixed monthly costs and in most cases offers better interest rate than variable rate. Contact us today to discuss the benefits and disadvantages, and together we’ll decide whether this is the right investment property loan for you.

Split Rate

Home Loans

Prospective Property Owners

We have been helping clients in Sydney with securing funding for their real estate investments. A split rate investment property loan can help clients take advantage of both fixed and variable rate investment property loans. It is suitable for some investors but may not be appropriate for everyone.


Call us to learn more about to find out whether this would be a good investment property loan for you. We will provide all the necessary information for you to make an educated decision so that you can relax knowing that, you made the best decision.

Interest Only Property Loan

Savvy Property Investor

Interest only investment property home loans are quite popular among the property investors. You repay only the interest on the borrowed amount usually for the first one to five years of the loan, although some lenders offer longer terms. Your monthly repayments are lower because you’re not paying off the principal and only paying interest amount. At the end of the interest-only period, you begin to pay off both interest and principal.


These loans are especially popular with investors who plan to pay off the principal when the property is sold, having achieved capital growth.

Low Doc
Home Loans

Loan for Self Employed

Low Doc home loans are designed for self-employed people who don’t have all the financial documents providing proof of income usually required to secure a home loan. The low-doc mortgage loan can be both variable and fixed rate home loans.


It could be a suitable option for some applicants as it could be the only way to secure an investment property loan within limited timeframe and paper works.  Mortgage maze can seem confusing – especially with so much different products and policies of different lenders. Golden Key Home Loan brokers in Sydney will help you along the entire process.

Other Common Home Loan types

Seasoned Property Owners

There are so many other types of home loans available in the market catering to different kinds of home loan borrowers. The following loans are very specific and suits borrowers with certain circumstances such as Construction Loans, Introductory Rate Loans, Bridging Loans, Line of Credit / Equity Line, Reverse Mortgage etc.


Call a Golden Key Home Loan Broker today and take the guess part, out of your mortgage financing plan. We will come to you any place in Sydney convenient for you, as a part of our five-star mortgage-broking service commitment. 

Contact us for more details about the types of loans we offer our clients.